Who We Are

A cumulative 20 years of experience of website development and management, including 13 years of enterprise-level product development and support, founders Andrew and Kameron are capable of any project scope.

What We Do

The collaborative process of web development requires close integration of technology and design – two disciplines that inform one another. We make hip and exciting web sites and web experiences that perform. Big and Small. Concept development, interface design, production management.

The Activ Knowledge Team

Our Services

ActivKnowledge can help you with all of your digital needs. Here's a brief overview of our core services and offerings:

Strategy and Discovery
It’s not just about producing well designed and functioning products, we dive in and monitor site performance with a bevy of analytics tools including: ANALYTICS: Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics (Omniture). SEO: Google Search Console, SEM Rush, Search Metrics. PAGE SPEED: Dynatrace, Rigor, Pingdom
Web Development
From concept to go-live, we can help with any of your web development projects and needs. From full website redesigns to landing pages, clickfunnels and style refreshes. You name it, we’ll do it!
Web Design
Need help with the look and feel of your website? Our team of designers can help build data driven, beautiful experiences that are tailored to your audience. We provide working mockups or screenshots for every design we create to make sure that it matches your vision before it’s built.
Maintenance & Upkeep
We schedule and deploy updates as the business needs. Our background was formed with agile scrum development, but we have experience in other development methodologies like kanban and waterfall. You can expect clean, bug-free deployments at times when end-user risk is low.
Optimization and Analysis
Measure, benchmark, and improve. That model is central to us at Activ Knowledge. We use a bevy of analytics and tracking platforms to analyze website traffic, conversion and performance. Business never stops, neither should improvement.

Meet our Leaders

Andrew Wanta

kameron scott

Kameron Scott


We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon

Our Values

There is no substitute for hard work. At ActivKnowledge, we work hard to create quality, meaningful, data driven web experiences that will help you reach your business goals in a timely manner. But your business goals can’t be met without understanding the business needs. Understanding your business goals and needs is the core aspect to what we do. Here’s the values that guide our business.

Hard Work
Relentless work ethic and perfection seeking.
Keeping customers in the loop with frequent, open communication.
Always understanding and questioning business and user needs.
Keeping on the forefront of technology as it becomes available.

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